Business Strategy Components

Know your Business Strategy


Business selection depends on your expertise or market demand

Working on your financial projection & Looking for funds

Allocation of funds & selecting the core team

Strategic Launch plan inline with your business strategic plan

Perfect operation strategy to stabilize your business growth

Business Strategies for Small Business

- Hire Business Consultant - Cost Leadership Strategy - Differentiation strategy

Low cost max ROI

How a Business can be successful 

Select a business idea and make a perfect strategy that can ensure direct or passive income for many people

5 ways to Promote your Business

A. Local Listing B. Social Media Platform C. Business Website D. Build your Community  E. Event Participation

7 ways of Business Growth Strategy 

A. Conceptualization B. Business Registration C. Rising Stage D. Brand Establishment E. Business Expansion  F. Business Maturity G. Exit The Last Option

Profit - The Ultimate Goal

Successful Components to create a Perfect Business Strategy

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