$10 Billion valuation

Bengaluru based food delivery app launched in 2014 and operates 500 cities in India

Customer Segmentation- Those who can't reach Restaurant, giving them doorstep service.

Not only readymade food but also groceries called swiggy instamart.

Tie up with the restaurant and delivery partners for a smooth ecosystem. Delivery partners ensure timely delivery while maintaining hygiene.

A robust mobile app that helps you to order your desired food item and get your order in less than 1hr. time.

They are diversifying the service with the help of a quality mobile app. Not only food but essential items delivery make the platform most admired.

Extensive seasonal promotion to its huge customer database through email, social media marketing, and push notifications. 

Offering special discounts on the existing and new customers on every occasion.

Special offers are always best option to attract customers and Swiggy doing this in a very aggressive manner

Maintaining synergy with the key stakeholders such as restaurants, delivery boys, apps, and customer databases.

Swiggy earns good revenues through its affiliate income, 15-20% commission, and swiggy delivery charges. 

Clocking more than 9,500 orders per minute and with 2+ million orders generated in 2021. They have grown 73% in generating orders per minute in 2021

Swiggy is slightly ahead of Zomato in 2021 with a 44% market share.

Generation of 2+ million orders makes them first choice among the customer

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