India will be experiencing 5G launch in October 2022

5g network rollout roadmap will ensure seamless high-frequency connectivity across major cities in India.

5G Launch

Reliance Jio baought 50% of 5g spectrum at a cost of 88k crores. Airtel will be investing 1.17L crores in next five years in expanding its network.

Jio-Highest Bidder

700 MHz

Key Band

5g can deal with a new level of applications such as drones, appliances, vehicles, and robotics due to its low latency and high frequency of data transmission

5g IoT (Iinternet of things)

1.5L Crores

Spectrum Auction Value

August 1st, 2022

40k  Crores - 700 MHz for Jio. It provides less expensive and seamless connectivity along with high-frequency data transmission.

5G devices now start appearing in the Indian market with an affordable price. These devices as lower as $120. So device affordability will not be bigger issue for operators.

 India’s home-grown 5g network rollout impacted the Chinese firms and victory for the Indian domestic industry. Reliance Jio started its own platform to launch 5g in India

Homegrown 5g Technology

5g network can provide high accuracy real-time data for any industry. It will be the best assist to road conditions, traffic, and many other parameters.

Seamless & Low Latency

5g rollout is a game changer for IoT (Internet of Things) applications AI technology, robotics, and real-time connectivity with lower latency give a user a premium experience.


High Speed

This Diwali India will be experiencing high speed connectivity and more IoT driven accessibility, creating a new milestone in Indian Telecom Industry.