TATA, an unmatched business empire and how big it is

TATA Business Empire
TATA an unmatched business empire

‘Bombay House ‘This is the simple-looking head office of the Tata Group in Mumbai, India But Tata Group is anything but simple Started as a small trading company by Jamsetji tata in 1868 Tata Group currently has a bigger number of workers than Toyota, Coke, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google Combined.

It now operates in over 100 countries. So let’s tighten our seat belts and take a world tour to witness the remarkable Business Empire of Tata Group.

Tata’s business strategy is to expand its business and build trust in society. tata sons always do a variety of charitable work and that is almost 60% of their revenue. It is a remarkable achievement for a business powerhouse to contribute something to society. 

To know why TATA is an unmatched business empire? Then our first stop is North America.


Here Tata Group owns the luxury hotel Taj Campton Place in San Francisco, Taj Boston; one of the world’s finest; New York’s iconic hotel ‘The Pierre ‘Tata’s

Tetley Tea is the second-largest tea company in the US; the largest in Canada. They also own popular brands like Good Earth and America’s third-largest coffee Company – Eight O Clock Coffee which is known as tata coffee.

Tata’s IT service TCS company operates 24 offices in North America, and their Animation & Design Lab Tata Elxsi also operates in 8+ locations in the region In the manufacturing sector.

The group operates a Soda Ash mining plant in Wyoming; Iron Ore Mining Plants in Quebec, Canada; Steel manufacturing facilities in Ohio & Pennsylvania, and also a coffee production plant In.

Tata group employs over 20,000 people in North America, around multiple times more than what number of people Microsoft utilizes in India.


Now let’s travel to South America TCS company utilizes in excess of 8,000 individuals in 8 nations in South America.


The gathering is also an investor in the first submarine fiber cable network between the US and Brazil. Tata also owns the world’s largest subsea fiber cable network Today. 25% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata’s subsea networks From South America.

Let’s travel to Africa and Land in the port city of South Africa, Cape Town. Here Tata Group owns the historic luxury hotel Taj Cape Town In nearby Zambia, they own Taj Pamodzi, one of the most luxurious hotels in the country.

Tata and its unmatched business empire also operate two wind farms in South Africa & hydroelectric power in Zambia.


The gathering likewise claims Joekels, South Africa’s third-biggest Tea Company.

Tata Trucks and Busses are one of the top sellers in Zambia. South Africa, and Kenya In the assembling area. Tata owns a chemical plant in Magadi, Kenya which is Africa’s largest soda ash manufacturer. Commercial vehicle assembly plant & a steel plant in South Africa and finally manufacturing & a power plant in Mozambique.

From Mozambique, we will move to London, Buckingham Palace, Queens’s official residence. Close to the palace, Tata owns the Luxurious Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites. The hotel also has the world’s first Jaguar Suite, for all the Jaguar lovers nearby. The St James’ Court hotel is also owned by the group Tata.

Tetley is the largest tea company in the UK Their Other European Tea brands include, Vitax, a popular brand in Poland Jemča, the market leader in the Czech Republic, and Grand, a coffee brand in Russia.

Tata Steel Europe is one of Europe’s largest steelmakers & TCS has been awarded as the Best Employer in Europe proving one of the biggest business empires.


Land Rover, is additionally possessed by tata cars and is the biggest producer of premium vehicles in Britain. The bunch likewise works in Design Centres in London and Paris and one of the world’s biggest companies in the UK, Germany & Switzerland.

Goodbye utilizes around 60,000 individuals in Europe& is additionally UK’s greatest modern boss To end everything Tata likewise possesses a relatively small organization called ‘English Salt’ in the UK an Indian Company owns British Salt Quite Ironic if one remembers Gandhi’s Saltmarch carried out against the British Raj only 88 years ago.


Now let’s travel all the way to Sydney, Australia. Here in Sydney, TCS began its first operation in Australia and now the company operates across Australia & New Zealand with over 10,000 employees & clients like Qantas, Telstra, and Commonwealth Bank.

TATA also owns the popular Australian coffee machines brand MAP and holds its empire footprint


What’s more, work server farms across Australia, through their partnership with NEXTDC The gathering additionally holds a stake in a sort after Carborough Downs Coal Project in Queensland, Australia.

Finally, we have arrived in Asia

Let’s start in the desert sands of the Middle East. Tata’s Range Rover is one of the most sought-after 4-wheel drives in the region.

  • Tata Motors is also a leader in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle segment in GCC countries.

  • While, TCS has multiple offices in the Middle East, including an all-women IT Services center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • The Group also owns Titan, Titan watches are the leading brand in Oman.
  • What’s more, Bahrain likewise owns a Shipping and Logistics company in UAE and the sumptuous city Hotel, Taj Dubai close to famous milestones like Palm Jumeirah.

  • Finally, Voltas, Tata’s driving cooling brand, tata ac has completed major mechanical and air-conditioning projects. That includes Burj Khalifa, Dubai; International Airports in UAE & Bahrain.

  • Ferrari Experience & F1 Race Track in Abu Dhabi

From the Deserts of UAE, we will move to South Korea. Here Tata owns South Korea’s second-largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata Daewoo.

In Singapore Tata’s NatSteel Plant is the largest single. Cut-and-bend steel operations worldwide While the group is also the largest producer of long steel products in Thailand.

TATA empire also owns a stake in oil and gas blocks & coal resources in Indonesia and its developing power generation projects in Myanmar and Vietnam.

Even operate a Life Sciences research company & own plantations in Singapore and Indonesia.

Even Tata’s Voltas has executed engineering projects. New Hong Kong International Airport and Cyberport Business Park in Hong Kong, China.

Here TCS has six Global Delivery Centres Tata owns two rolling mills, a refractories factory, an Auto Parts factory, green tea manufacturing plant, and also have a Jaguar Land Rover assembly plant.

  • We have reached South Asia. The beautiful & scenic Maldives. Here we will find the lush Taj – Coral Reef, with white sands and scenic views.
  • Moving ahead to Srilanka, Taj owns the picturesque Taj – Bentota and two more hotels in Colombo.
  • Tata also provides telecommunication services in Nepal & Srilanka.
  • They developed the Hydro Project in Bhutan.

TATA an unmatched business empire
Revenue Graph

After our long World Tour, we finally reached India.


  • Here, TCS is one of the largest Indian software companies.

  • Tata Motors is a leader in the commercial vehicles segment

  • Titan Company is India’s largest manufacturer of branded watches

  • Tata’s also run the largest jewellery store chain, Tanishq

  • While Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company

  • Tata sons also own steel plants, tea plantations, Auto Mobile manufacturing units, Synthetic factories & even own versatile systems, and the DTH organization ‘Tata Sky’.
  • Not only that, they operate the airline ‘Vistara’ & also manufacture defense helicopters and equipment.
  • Even Starbucks in India is jointly owned by Tata.

Developing its unmatched business empire supported major social development in India. 

Tata sons have not only created a massive business empire but also multiple social institutions like Cancer treatment centers.

Mathematics & science research Institutions like TIFR Indian Institute of Science, and also the primary arranged mechanical city of India “Jamshedpur”

Almost 66% of the Group shares are held by a charity trust across the world.

Tata sons involve in multiple social programs. Tata is truly an incredible company and has traveled a long way from Mumbai to be now present all across the world. All I can say is Tata’s Business Empire.


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