India moving towards Global Business Hub

India moving towards Global Business Hub

Upcoming years is going to be India’s “golden moment” in key sectors like technology, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and manufacturing, with almost USD 20 billion foreign direct investment in the country amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus is sweeping the world, especially the US and India. In spite of that, the investment is going to help India moving […]

Work from home sales jobs is much easy with a remote sales platform

Remote Sales impact in future business

The landscape of sales is changing quickly. More and more businesses are moving their sales process online – remote sales, and with good reason. Buyers are more comfortable purchasing online, technology has advanced and bridged the gap between salespeople and their prospects. Β  The cost of customer acquisition is reduced by 40 to 90% compared […]

Product origin country tag a much needed one

product origin tag

Presently India is a country in a state where sentiments on Indian origin products may impact people’s minds. Everyone is asking for product origin Tag much-needed information that every e-commerce platform has to mention in all their products.   Now the idea is to mention the product origin tag is lucrative or not. It can […]