Solar Energy grid a heavy push towards green energy

Solar Grid-One Sun One World One Grid, Business Idea

The worldwide framework plan may likewise use the International Solar Energy Alliance helped established by India which has 67 nations as individuals. It has become India’s calling card for environmental change and is progressively being seen as an international strategy instrument.

India has moved ahead with threading the needle for an ambitious global electricity grid, the government calling for bids to roll out the “One Sun One World One Grid” (OSOWOG) solar energy plan.


Solar energy


India’s current Solar Energy projects update:

  • The 3 Biggest solar plants in India out of the 5 biggest in the globe.
  • Cochin Airport – Fully run by solar energy with 46,000 Solar Panels. In 2015 Cochin Airport is the first Solar Power Airport gets the UN’s highest environmental accolade. Recovered 620million costs within 4 years.
  • Kolkata Airport is the 2nd Airport that runs on the Solar Energy Platform like Cochin Airport.

Opportunity or Threat for Solar Energy :

China is the manufacturer of Solar panels, and it is a threat but if we think logically it is not a threat but rather an opportunity to create a sustainable industry in India within this field.
This can enable the SME industry to jump into this new business idea and support the government to set up its dream project to connect the world by protecting mother nature. 

Process & Concept behind Solar Energy Grid:

  1. The advantage over China is by sharing the economic benefit.
  2. Most ambitious and successful project ever.

Process Initializing comes at a time of the coronavirus pandemic giving India the opportunity to be seen as taking a lead in evolving global strategies.

This is by far one of the most ambitious schemes undertaken by any country and is of global significance in terms of sharing economic benefits.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) reviewed by Mint for inviting consultants for developing OSOWOG’s long-term vision, implementation plan, road map, and institutional framework; comprises a technical and financial proposal.

This would be the key to future renewable-based energy systems globally.

The creation of territorial and universal interconnected green networks can empower the sharing of sustainable power sources across worldwide fringes and furthermore adjust.

Such grids should work in tandem with the existing grids and will not require parallel grid infrastructure, thus requiring only incremental investment.

Emerging as a Global partner:

One sun, One world, One grid. National renewable energy management centers in India have prospects of growing as regional and global management centers.

Globalization provides the opportunity for learning quickly from developments elsewhere. sharing of renewable energy resources to reduce the global carbon footprint and insulate societies from pandemics like COVID-19.

Counter your rivals or enemy:

  • This additionally comes in the scenery of the US withdrawal from the Paris atmosphere arrangement.

China’s endeavors to co-select nations into its eager One Belt One Road (OBOR) activity. A Program to put billions of dollars in foundation ventures, including railroads, ports, and force networks, across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The mantra behind setting up Solar Energy Grid:


Connecting sun-oriented vitality flexibly across fringes, with the mantra of ‘One Sun One World One Grid‘ (OSOWOG).

The vision behind the OSOWOG mantra is “The Sun Never Sets” and is steady in some geological areas. All-inclusive at some random purpose of time.

For individuals, it has become India’s calling card on environmental change and is progressively being seen as an international strategy instrument.

Road Map:

India at the fulcrum, the solar spectrum can easily be divided into two broad zones viz.

The Far East would incorporate nations like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, and so on, and the far west would cover the Middle East and the Africa Region. The third and last stage is about worldwide interconnection.

The introductory plans additionally include setting up an under-ocean connection to associate with Oman in the West. The subsequent stage manages the MESASEA lattice getting interconnected with the African force pools.

Strengthen Relationship:

India began to counsel with the World Bank as its specialized accomplice to execute the worldwide power framework plan.

Fostering cross-fringe vitality exchange is a significant piece of India’s South Asia-cantered neighborhood-first arrangement.

India has been supplying power to Bangladesh and Nepal and has been championing a South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) electricity grid minus Pakistan to meet electricity demand in the region.

Emerge towards a strong GDP:

An interconnected lattice would help all the taking interest elements in pulling in interests in sustainable power sources just as using abilities, innovation, and funds.

Resulting economic benefits would positively impact poverty alleviation and support in mitigating water, sanitation, food, and other socioeconomic challenges further, the proposed integration would lead to reduced project costs, higher efficiencies, and increased asset utilization for all the participating entities.

This comes in the backdrop of India looking to expedite setting up a World Solar Bank (WSB) to be headquartered here which may require total equity capital of $10 billion. The proposed bank comes in the backdrop of Beijing taking the lead in creating an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the New Development Bank (NDB).

It has been an important part of India’s message in the global fight against climate change by setting up One Sun One World One Grid. International Solar Alliance is India’s blessing against Global Warming.

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