Product origin country tag a much needed one

product origin tag


Presently India is a country in a state where sentiments on Indian-origin products may impact people’s minds. Everyone is asking for product origin Tag much-needed information that every e-commerce platform has to mention in all their products.

Now the idea is to mention the product origin tag is lucrative or not. It can be done but will that be beneficial for an e-commerce company or not.

Thought process behind implementing product origin tag:


It is very much a debatable discussion point inside the entity. The business house can mention the product origin tag much-needed information e-commerce platform on a trial basis to see its impact on the growth rate.

It can also be much more beneficial for the management to understand what customers are thinking rather we would call that a new nature of the customer.

By putting step further towards product origin tag:

Now e-commerce Companies can start this product origin tag to its all products then it will be preferable and a trusted brand for the specific country where the searches for country-specific are coming from. It is another way to build that brand by country-specific.

If the law introduces by the authority or if not then the brand should think of this option in a bigger way to create an impact in the India-specific market, thus building its commitment toward a certain country.

From a global point of view, India is one of the potential markets for any company and the graph is moving upward day by day now if this is the sentiment of an Indian then e-commerce Companies can think and implement at the earliest before any kind of government directives come out.

It is all about the sentiment and due to Coronavirus’s financial front has impacted and it also impacted people’s minds. Now the sentiment ground will definitely come up in a higher note from the majority within 130cr. Indian people.

Continuation of this topic, large companies can start introducing local products more frequently on their e-commerce site to boost the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” project as our PM said earlier this month. These are two things product origin tag & Atamanirbhar Bharat that can be clubbed by the e-commerce company in the coming months.

Way Forward:

Now the question is will that be helpful for the e-commerce company? The answer is “Yes” as mentioned in the above content. And e-commerce and other platform have already started to mention product origin tag as per government direction.

Moreover in this way, the online market will get more booster in the long run and more active users will now gradually move towards the online platform due to obvious reasons and the MSME sectors can also grow at a big time to participate in the next level of business model.


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