How to make a killer step-by-step product launch strategy?

product launch strategy

Once a Company has successfully and carefully segmented the market, chosen its target customers identified needs, and determined its market positioning. Now it is time to think about how to make a step-by-step product launch strategy.

In this process, marketers play a key role to develop a business model for a product launch. By identifying, evaluating, and creating a new product launch strategy template.

What makes a good product launch depends on close work with the R&D team.

Every company must develop new products for its sustainability. Objectives behind the new product launch shape the company’s future.

A company can add new products by acquisition or development. The acquisition route can take three forms.

• Acquire patents from other companies.
• The company can buy a license.
• Take the franchise from another company.

The development route can also be in two forms

• Develop new products in its laboratories with independent researchers.
• To outsource to specific new product development firms.

There are six categories or I would say advantages that are mainly considering factors for setting up a product launch strategy.


Every marketer needs to understand and summarize what all available advantages are there for the company’s profitability that can be included in the making of a product launch strategy.


• Showcase your product or services to the world – The new product launch can create an entirely new market for the company.
• New Product line – Entirely new product line allows the company to enter an established market for the first time.
• Additions to the existing product range – Upcoming product line can be a supplement to its established product lines (if any).
• Improvement or revamp of existing product line – Improved product by its performance or greater perceived value can replace an existing product.
• Repositioning – Existing products that are targeted to a new market or market segment.
• Cost Reduction – Product with similar or better quality or performance at a lower cost.


How to make a killer step by Step Product Launch Strategy, depends on the Product launch effectiveness is what every company will look for it. Less than 10% of new launch products are innovative in the new world.

These involve high costs and risk because they are new to the market and for the company and the advantages of launching a new product are mostly devoted to improving existing products.


For example, let’s talk about the mobile industry where major (almost 80%) new launches are undertaken to modify and improve existing products.

Most companies rarely innovate, Some occasionally innovate and few of them innovate continuously. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon, BMW, and many others are the stock price gain leaders in their respective industries.

These companies have decided to build innovation into the fiber of their business. Big companies have created a positive attitude of risk-taking by creating a routinized innovation process.

They have created product launch framework consulting for their people and ask them to experiment if they fail also. They know in these fierce competitive markets continuous innovation is necessary.

Challenges in new product development –

Companies that are failing to develop new products are placing themselves at greater risk. Their existing products will be more vulnerable to changing customers’ needs and tastes.


This will shorten their product life cycle and engaging new players with the advanced product is a continuous threat to them. They are only focusing on incremental innovation.

It will allow a new player with disruptive technology at a much cheaper price to replace them in the existing market.

Establish companies are slow to react find themselves against formidable competition and might fall.

The product launch strategy framework has to be in place for established players and thus make them create a strong foothold in the market.

During the preparation of the new product launch strategy ppt, several factors tend to hinder it. Find a way how to make a killer step by Step Product Launch Strategy.

product development checklist

Stages of product launch determine its steps visible to all involved and clarify the project leaders and team’s responsibilities at each stage. Eight stages of the new product launch development complete product launch tiers.

stages of product development

After finalizing the new product now it is time for thinking of a new product launch strategy template.

Step-by-step product launch strategy depends on how effectively the company designed its overall product launch strategy.


What makes a good product launch –

A good product launch is one of the major key factors of success. The product launch plan checklist has to be prepared in a manner where maximum attraction and conversion can happen. That is a key factor in how to make a killer step by Step Product Launch Strategy.

The marketing team with their relentless efforts in the making of the marketing rollout plan template. The template is aligned with the business launch strategy to ensure product launch effectiveness.

A lot of people think that they run billboards, put up newspaper ads, and running TV, Radio, and rather on-ground launch activity will conclude the marketing plan to launch a product.

But things are not likely as easy that a marketer would probably think. We are standing in that corner of a road where fast influence and targeted actions can set successful product launch examples.

Later in our discussion, I will try to explain to you how a company can effectively design a marketing rollout plan template along with the stages of product launch.

product launch marketing strategy

Product launch steps are a crucial aspect of every new product that is going to launch. Launch campaign ideas should always be on top of every new product launch checklist.

How much budget a marketer is going to require?

The basic of marketing now comes to every marketer’s mind and that is where the BCG matrix comes in and helps marketers to think and tally with the pre-launch ideas.

Boston Consultancy Group (BCG matrix)


• Question Marks – Business that operates in a high-growth market with a relatively low share need to spend a lot of money. Marketers need to plan accordingly.
• Stars – High growth market need not produce a positive cash flow but substantial spending can keep up with the situation and fight back competitors.
• Cash Cow – Flat growth and enjoying a high market share don’t require heavy spending. That helps them to pump in the fund to the potential area.
• Dogs – With the combination of low market share and low growth company need to rethink its position and act accordingly.

Considering this business launch strategy formulate a marketing plan for a product launch.

Now comes the mode of product launch plan marketing. New product launch steps start with product launch captions.

This comes under the product launch communication examples. Every product or brand must have a caption that can easily create a buzz among buyers.

The caption made it easy for any new launch product to attract the market segment. It is the essence of your product.

Four basic points need to be included while preparing the product launch checklist.

• Attractive teaser Plan
• When to unfold the product or service
• Launch day strategy or make some introductory offer
• Post Launch campaign analysis

product launch checklist

Now coming to the mode of communication. What all can be done in the Traditional and Digital campaigns, now we will discuss step by step product launch strategy.

Remember one thing every new launch will be a combination of these four points.

Teaser Campaign – In the present time this is a way of creating hype inside the operative market. Pre-launch buzz campaign examples creations can relate to the teaser campaign.

A successful teaser campaign can lead to a lot of engagement in the product unfold stage.

Traditionally a company can plan a TV or a radio campaign to create a buzz among the masses. TV is a medium that can attract consumers to shops or an e-commerce platform.

It is considered to be expensive but an effective medium also. But what is the cost that is involved in it and does it really a cost-effective proposition for a new or relatively small organization?


This is a typical question for every marketer prior to launching any campaign.

Does it work in the present scenario?

That answer is no. Because TV is such an expensive way of communication that can use for a specific time rather in point of view keep it for unfold time.

Whereas marketers nowadays think of how to tease a product launch on Instagram? That sounds excellent.

The company can target products t its actual target group and the sharing percentage from any social media is way higher than television. The company can measure or look at the engagement on how things are taking shape.

Traditionally the company can’t segment its product on TV, Radio, newspapers, or a Billboard.

In a market like “Cash Cow” and you are available with better cash flow then both options can be considered. Create a buzz on social and back it up with strategic TV commercials.

For the “Question Mark” situation thinks are need to plan very aggressively. Social Teaser can be a very lucrative option to gain shares for new products and that boosts existing products also.

Remember one thing that teaser is only meant for engagement towards your brand. A teaser is mainly creating a good amount of Curiosity if communication is attractive.

100 Mega Pixel Camera and the world’s fastest processor take photography to the next level, what will be your next plan?

This type of catchy teaser caption builds curiosity.

This can so easily target your TG by opting for social platforms.

So what is your choice? Product unfold!

The New product launch presentation needs to be prepared before unfolding. This is the part where every marketer needs to create an impact on the consumers with its first look. A lot many steps are involved in the unfolding part and that needs to consider.

product caption

Social media hashtags for a new product launch can create awareness among all invites during the product unfolding. It helps media attraction for their post-launch event writeups.

A Strategic PR Launch Template is the most necessary part of the media plan for launching a new product. Endorsee and top management combined need to address the media team about their new launch.

This engages the media to a larger extent to a write-up in their article. In this way, targeting a particular zone or a segment can easily be done.

A proper blog launch press release is followed option after the unfolding has been done.

This is a large Traditional model that is still followed by almost every company.

After the official launch gets over the company now targets more and more revenue from the product. With this Influencer Marketing strategy. That is one of the modern weapons for any specific industry nowadays.

These Influencers are having millions of targeted audiences where a 5-10min attractive review Vlog can change the entire perspective of any new or existing products.

Plan a Q&A session with influences to attract and keep up the engagement with the potential customer.

A strong digital marketing strategy for a product launch can lead to millions of customers in a bucket within a shorter period.


A strategic content marketing plan for the new product is another strategy that companies are doing heavily these days. Update with a blog post on their website. If a marketer doesn’t know how to write a product blog then a lot many freelancers are available who can write on behalf of the company with a nominal charge.

Now a strong social media product launch template will attract more and more engagement the customers. Marketers need to optimize social media in such a way that generates more leads toward your newly launched product.

A launch or introductory offer makes your product or services gives an extra bit of curiosity in your targetted segment to click your advertisement and land on your landing page. From that, a strong and strategic funnel can help you to convert that customer.

For any new startups before Pre-launch and Teaser, they have to have a lucrative website with strong social pages. SEOs for pages are the most important part for marketers who can set successful product launch examples.

Launch offers can be a strategy to roll out in the unfolding event.

Unfold followed by traditional newspaper ads can be the most common and useful technique.

Remember this requires a lot of funds to mobilize and that can only be possible 100% in a “cash cow” situation.

Launch Campaign -

In the ’90s era companies were planning to launch campaigns by doing the “Blackout Campaign”. It is like all media channels are blocked for the particular day of launch. Wherever you see you will find that particular brand presence. This was a strategy of the ’90s for a new product launch for medium or large companies.

But again it was not a very wise or rather I would say not a cost-effective way to launch a campaign. At that time it was a very popular campaign strategy for a marketer.
That has completely changed in today’s business arena.

Nowadays thanks to cheap data and a smartphone-savvy world that is mostly concerned about what is actually seen on social media or a suggested product blog post and mostly the engagement of people to on a certain product can attract more and more potential buyers for the company.

Does it a necessity for today’s launch campaign?

It is very much debatable though, but I would say not much necessary in the current market situation. So choosing a campaign path is determined by how the market behaves.

product launch offer

A lot of marketers are thinking that this actually helps and by and large, it is also effective.

How much that product launch is costing that a marketer needs to prioritize and plan a robust cost-effective cost analysis that can touch base to maximize the number of potential customers.

The company has already invested quite a huge amount of funds for the research and development phase, and will that be a necessity?

In certain phases, the entire “Blackout” campaign can’t be operated but rather not applicable. A few things like a Full Page advertisement or visibility at the retail front will solve your purpose.

Step-by-Step Product Launch Strategy should be designed in such a way that company can focus on its actual target group and can outperform its competitors in that particular market.

As discussed already a fan page on social media or a well-defined blog will be helpful for launching a digital campaign.

So currently companies are focusing on the retail side rather than a huge traditional campaign with a limited reach.

Every team member has to be on the ground on the launch day wearing merchandise (if you have a large team and target the local market) will gain attraction on the market and build up confidence among the business partners, retailers, and customers.

Or else build your launch branding through social campaigns and traditional mediums like electronic or print media.

The parallel way a company can do that they engage customers on its social media platform.

Plan a diversified digital marketing plan for a new product launch and reach out to more and more potential buyers.

Make all your social campaigns unique and attractive so that people are enjoying to see your post. As you know that how much you engage your customer you can convert.

Ensure 100% e-commerce availability of your new product. This will need an extensive sales plan. Make sure any who visits your company website or an e-commerce site can encash the introductory offer without any hassle.

For Distribution market partners commission structure will motivate channels for driving launch and ensure the desired distribution goal is reached.

Other than distribution markets Digital campaigns like the Instagram story or social campaigns.

For example, Answering a simple question and being a part of our introductory offer like a Facebook campaign is a big boost to the conversion front.

Not but least, the Introductory offer makes more strong presence among your competitors.

Launch campaign should be supported by an introductory offer along with social buzz that makes a lot more effective than the traditional way.

Post Launch Campaign & Analysis –


The launch has already been done and now it’s time to create a future road map for the new product. An effective analysis gives a marketer an understanding of how effective the product launch took place and what will be the next steps to establish the product or service to its customers.

It is now a very critical path to kill your competition in the long run and establish your new brand. The marketing team needs to play a key role here. A blog with a customer testimonial can drive future business.

Live sessions with satisfied customers and upload those interviews in a collage format and post them on the social platform. A small Instagram story or a Facebook poll about customers’ feedback would create an impact.

In this way, marketers can showcase customer satisfaction with the product, or brand. This can ensure the sustainability of the product for a longer period.

The analysis phase can determine the product life cycle. It can guide marketers or upper management to understand what more they can plan to generate maximum revenue.

Continuous tracking of new launches would minimize the occurrence of a lack of focus from the front-line force and guide them on how they will utilize the data and plan for the next course of action In the market.

With the limited fund, the company has to have a strong digital campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or a Google ad. Small social blogs will help them to engage the target group and generate more inquiries.

A bunch of Twitter engagement with the consumer and the seller makes a better communication exchange platform and this will be beneficial for both ends.

As we can now understand what are the steps that need to consider for making a product launch strategy. An excellent product launch strategy can determine a strong portfolio for any company in the market.

Extensive Research, R&D, Fund Allocation, and mostly a team of intelligent people would make an impact on the business. Including these parameters ensure the successful launch of the new product or service. These are all disconnected and need to be in consideration to get success.

Big brands like Samsung, Amazon, LG, Hyundai, BMW, Vodafone, etc. are big players in their respective industries. Big companies are spending a huge amount of funds and manpower on R&D.

They plan every new product in such a way that nobody could beat them. These big brands now heavily depend on the Digital platform rather than Traditional. Companies like these have already created a road map for how to make a killer step by Step Product Launch Strategy.

Don’t get confused, think about what is the best option for you as a marketer. What all funds that are available to make your new product launch a success.

It completely depends on how you plan. But millions of reach along with a relatively small budget can more aggressive than the traditional form of marketing.

Review your all actions regularly and take an everyday new challenge and make your effort better. That ensures the company’s new product becomes a hit.

All I need to tell you is that you should design a step-by-step product launch strategy before starting any random campaign. Design the product launch steps in such a way that marketers can determine their longer life.

A proper or full-proof step-by-step product launch strategy makes the company on a list of the biggest product launches of the decade.

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