Job Change-Is it a perfect time when the world heading toward a global recession?

Job Change during upcoming recession

Is it wise to move on a  job change during this upcoming global recession? So I would like to answer this holistically. The best time for job change is when you need to change jobs but consider current and upcoming market trends.

I understand that there’s uncertainty, and understanding different markets make people reluctant to change a job. If you need a job then you need to find a job right away.

Before finding a suitable option you should need to understand what’s going on in the world. You need to analyze and simultaneously protect yourself from any unsatisfactory result.

Several things provoke you to search for a new job.

a. you hate your job.

b. you hate your current professional life.

c. you hate your boss and probably you will going to lose your current job due to the recession

d. you hate to commute a long distance.

e. your KRA is what that you don’t like or it is not that KRA which was told during the time of the interview.

These are the few areas where every job seeker can relate to his/her reason for a job change.

So the question you’re asking me is whether it wise to move to another job during this upcoming global recession or will be a successful career movement for me.


The Answer is Yes if you need it

But if you are in a great job with an established reputation and you enjoy what you are doing then it is perfectly ok for you to stick to that. I wouldn’t be spending time looking for another job which may not be a good prospect in the long run.

I don’t know if whoever needs me will find me at the time they need to find me. For that, I need to be very much conscious when I am making my profile for a new job change. When an employer is looking for the perfect match then the profile will be the perfect profile for them to jump in.

I try to do this on a continuous basis now. For you I want you to be happy on a continuous basis, I want you to have a good job on a continuous basis.

If you are not in a situation where you are happy then get yourself happy and you need to take control of that. So it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world companies. Some companies will be hiring so while this company might be laying people off this company over here is hiring for your job.

A job seeker needs to search the companies that are hiring and profiles that are matching. Don’t go here and there, do proper research on the profile and do check the ratings of the previous employees, and connect with them to understand better about the organization. 

When I see a lot many trainers trying to offer many courses but not explaining how to take advantage of this upcoming global recession, rather they are trying to scare you into different aspects of the situation and motivate you to join their programs.

Don’t fall in to those tricks rather you should focus on your expertise and looking for the right opportunity

You don’t see a lot of words on my blog that talk about all the negativities such as – 

a. Oh my goodness your company’s gonna be laying people off
b. Oh my goodness you better get into my programs
c. What to start on my own otherwise you’re gonna die right

What I’m seeing from some of these other folks and I want you all to know no matter what we’re going through at any moment in time, somebody is always hiring. Yes!!

I understand that it may be tougher but I want you to develop or correct the following areas for your job change decision. 

a. Your resume looks good.
b. Your interviewing skills look good.
c. Be more comfortable over on the video interview.

lets me as a trainer call your attention to the things that you need to make sure that you’re doing good. You are gonna need to have a more consistent routine to know one of the things.

I talked about it in myself and in the emails I’ve been sending to people in my community and I talked about the consistency in your routine. While I want you to set high goals for yourself and typically the height of your achievement will be in direct proportion to the height of the goal that you set typically.

  • But one thing I can absolutely guarantee you that is 100% true is your floor.
  • How far you fall will be dependent on the quality of the systems that you have in place.

  • So you might achieve your goal but you will definitely fall to the level of your systems are they good or are they not?

Job Change

And when I say the system,  I mean do you have Steps? Do you have a routine, that says every single day?

a. I will search for a new job.
b. I will target companies for a job change.
c. I will target individuals for a job change.
d. I will send my emails about a job change.
e. I will send my cover letters which is a system.

Time of your job search mental capacity helps your job change in a much better way


a. Are you exercising?
b. Are you eating right?
c. Are you meditating?
d. Are you going to yoga?
e. Are you going to plies?
f. Are you doing whatever you need to do in order to maintain your health if that breaks down your stress levels gonna go up the right kind of thing?

It’s the same thing with your job search, so it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me I have kept the same routine. The only thing that I’ve done differently, is I’ve had to repackage what I have shared with you for your benefit.

Because now I have to make stuff that adds the most value to you as your trainer. I have to add stuff that is relevant to the things that are going on at the moment.

I’ve made my adjustments in the content to deliver you a quality blog that you need to know as a job seeker. You need to make adjustments but those adjustments that going to take bigger swings at the plate.

You may have to have more consistent in your job search challenge. I talked about the level of consistency in identifying companies and reaching out to them.


So you may have to compensate for the lack of companies that are hiring or not knowing which companies are hiring. You just need to reach out to more people in order to find the one company that you love, that’s gonna hire you.

I may have to reach out to more people to find people who are interested in engaging in my premium products that’s, okay my level of consistency in doing that every day and delivering the content.

All that hasn’t changed I just had to change the contents but the routines stayed the same that’s my system. So you will fall to the quality of your systems you might reach your goals but you will definitely fall to the quality of your systems.

I figured out what can I do to help you and what is it that you need the most right now. That’s me being me and me staying in my routine there was something I was gonna offer you.

But I didn’t offer it to you because it wasn’t relevant and it will probably be relevant in six months so whenever.

I had planned for April you’re not gonna see it until October. But for your stay in your routines and stay in your systems you might have to work a little harder that’s okay. I got to work harder too right I did.

I had to actually double my workload in April because I had to squash everything I had planned and I had to build everything new and I had already built that in March for April.

For you your analogy is you, job searchers, we’re gonna talk about this on Tuesday but on Tuesday you might have had target company lists. That was in hospitality travel and leisure those might have been okay well.

You guys scrap those right you got to go after technology companies and other companies like personal care companies and things of that nature that’s your adjustment. But you and I, all live the same lives, we do it might be surprising for you to hear but that’s the truth.

A job change is required when you consider all these facts that I have explained. If you followed and make the necessary adjustments in your career according to your expertise or desired need then you will definitely taste success.

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