Jio Glass – An Innovative Mixed Reality Solution

Jio Glass – An Innovative Mixed Reality Solution

JioGlass Mixed Reality Solution was showcased by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) during its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM). It is currently one of the most innovative launches by the telecom giant. They demonstrated how this will help schools and businesses with classes and meetings respectively. However, RIL did not explain how it works.

With the help of the Jio Glass, the users will be able to create a 3D virtual room where others can join and conduct a class or a meeting. Using these 3D virtual rooms, the users will be able to use holographic images of themselves, showcase graphs, and other presentations.

In order to offer a quick demonstration, Kiran Thomas, President RIL came on stage and said, “Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha,” while wearing his pair of Jio Glass. This led to Jio Glass connecting to a call with Aakash and Isha Ambani. Akash took advantage of his 3D avatar, Isha joined the call using a 2D interface. Both of them were visible to Thomas in a virtual room.

Kiran Thomas, during the AGM, said, “Jio Glass is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience.”

Jio Glass - A Innovative Mixed Reality Solutions

Jio Glass weighs in at around 75 grams and it will need to stay connected to a smartphone using a wire. Jio claims that it will bring support for 25 apps that will enable augmented reality video meetings, games, and more. It also sports a high-resolution display for the user to have a crystal clear experience in the meetings.

As of now, the company has not revealed many details about Jio Glass. Aside from the specifications and features, I don’t even know when the device will be available for purchase in India. However, the product does sound interesting and a lot of enthusiasts will be excited to check it out, we just wish it just does not end up like Google Glass, which was a similar concept but never went on a proper sale.

Apart from the JioGlass Mixed Reality Solution, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) also made a few other major announcements. The company has been testing Jio 5G lately and has promised the trials will begin next year once the spectrums are sold. Moreover, the company has partnered up with Google and they are now working on an affordable 5G smartphone for India.

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