Digital marketing destroys traditional marketing scope

digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Digital vs Traditional Marketing – There are a few reasons why digital marketing destroys traditional marketing, now remember back in the old days when I was doing traditional marketing.

Now for some of the young guys reading this, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the good old newspaper. Yes, we were running display ads. And also I’m talking about like broadcast fax.

No email, fax machine, but that’s how we used to do advertising and marketing before digital before the internet comes along. I think a lot of us take it for granted compared to what we have today compared to back then.


Let me share with you the reasons or what I call the Three T’s why digital marketing is far superior to traditional marketing.


a. Targeting- Now imagine traditional marketing, let’s say you’re driving on the highway you see these huge massive billboards right advertising certain things you see those in cities. They still have those which are fine but it’s more like brand awareness but that’s traditional advertising a billboard you can’t really target who is going to see that billboard.


You just write there, if someone sees it good if someone doesn’t see it you don’t really know. But with digital marketing online you can precisely target exactly who do you want to see your offer, seeing your website, seeing your business, or seeing your bundle.


You can choose an example with Google AdWords, you can target the keywords that they’re searching, you know the buyer intent and you can put your message right in front of there.


So that when they search the keyword they will find you or with Facebook you can also their precise target exactly who you want, what is the interest, what’s that, that profile that you are targeting so you could target very precisely, exactly who do you want for your customers or for your offer that you cannot do with traditional marketing.


When we were doing direct mail, we can target a little bit, which mean we can rent a list of potential buyers, we can send out those direct mail pieces, but it’s not very targeted. And we don’t really know what happens, right.

In the good old days, direct mail, we have a term called A-pile B-pile, meaning that people saw the mail right next to the trash can, the garbage can, right where they know, okay, this is an ad, this is a flyer, this is something that doesn’t interest me, it goes in the trash can we call that the B-pile.


The A-pile are all personal letters, right, it’d be letters from someone that you know, or maybe statements and credit card statements and bills those will make it to the A-pile, as a marketer back then when we were doing direct mail. The first goal is not to get people to buy, the first goal is to get people to make sure they don’t throw away our stuff, right?


Make sure we make it to the A-pile. So now with digital marketing, you don’t need to do that anymore. You can put your offer your product, your service in front of precisely exactly who you want, when you want it, where you want it. You can choose a country, you can choose demographics, and you can choose psychographics, extremely powerful.


b. Tracking- Not just that. So with direct mail, we can kind of track. Okay, we send out 1000 letters, we send out 5000 letters, we send out 10,000 letters, we kind of roughly know that okay, out of the 10,000 letters we got so many order forms back. Back then, that’s how we used to do it.


They actually said people send back an order form or send back the money or call a phone number to buy something but still not very precise with internet marketing. Oh my goodness! With digital marketing (Digital vs Traditional Marketing), you can track exactly what happens.


Where that buyer comes from, where that customer comes from. You can even track their journey. Maybe they first saw this particular video and then they’ve opted into this particular offer and then they didn’t buy and when we run a retargeting AD and then they bought in this period of time or they bought because they saw email number four in your email sequence. You cannot do that with traditional marketing you could only do that with digital marketing that’s power and number.


c. Tweaking- Now think about back then, if I’m doing a big massive billboard and if say, you know what, I don’t like the billboard I’m changing my message or now I have a different offer. What do I have to do? I’ve got to take out the whole damn Billboard. I got to replace everything at the reprint everything.


With digital, if there’s an AD that I’m running, I don’t like I can change it just like that. I can split test different ADs at the same time have A/B testing or been marketing call the A/B testing we can tweak different things or my webpage I’m testing on a different guarantee a different price point. Run traffic to it and I will know.

Now traditional advertising, anything that we do, there’s a huge delay in terms of time, that gap that makes it very, very expensive and very costly. So the benefits of marketing online and all those things you can target, you can track and you can also tweak very quickly to get a better result, that’s the upside.

But there’s a downside, the downside is everybody could do the same thing. So the marketplace is getting way more sophisticated, your competitors, they are getting more sophisticated, there are more ways for them to compete with you, anybody. I don’t care how big you are. You could be running a pretty big company, it doesn’t matter. A 17-year-old kid living in a basement could compete with you.

So knowing that yes, with the technology digital marketing has so many advantages (Digital vs Traditional Marketing). At the same time, knowing that it changes all the time that you have to do more to keep up the pace to have that leading edge and always say if you are not the lead dog. The view is always the same.


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