Why marketing mix is important in business strategy

marketing mix

The most important factor for any business is the marketing mix. It refers to a set of process which is the backbone of any business. It is also widely known as the four ps of marketing.     Plan your work or work your plan     The philosophy of planning is more important in […]

Social Media Marketing efforts makes easy revival strategy for any business

Social Media Marketing for business revival

You may have a small business, a start-up, or a lucrative business, social media marketing techniques are helpful for all.  For starters, social media is the best way to endorse your business to prospective clients.   In today’s world, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best social media marketing platforms to find potential clients.   […]

How to make a killer step by Step Product Launch Strategy

How to make a killer step by step Product Launch Strategy

Once a Company has successfully and carefully segmented the market, chosen its target customers identified needs, and determined its market positioning. Now it is time to think about how to make a step by step product launch strategy.   In this process, marketers play a key role to develop a business model for a product […]

How to grow your small Business with Marketing Checklist

Small Business Marketing Plan

Any Business that will start and just have started will entirely depend on certain key elements that are most essential for any business. Product Development, Sales Promotion, Distribution, and Pricing are the primary pillars for creating a Small Business Marketing Checklist.    To communicate and deliver products or services to the marketplace with the help […]

Revenue or Market Share Amazing Debate

Revenue or Market Share

It is quite obvious that Revenue or Market Share, which is the most essential. Without revenue, the business can’t sustain and vis a vis zero or no market share has the same impact in any business. So both complement each other and both are required for any successful business.   Revenue or Market share, what […]

Distribution Strategy for Startup Success

Distribution Strategy for Startup Success

What is Distribution Strategy and why it the most important success path of any business? Basic idea of Distribution Strategy is how effectively you can provide your services to the end customers. Isn’t a very simple way to understand? This is the basic definition of a distribution strategy. But, it is the most and only […]

Career in Marketing and Communications

Career in Marketing and Communications

Before thinking of a career in Marketing and Communications you have understood why it is so important. Marketing and Communications are the major backbones of any industry. Without this vertical, no business can survive or rather can’t establish.   Giving you a simple example, Marketing and Communications which runs the car and without an engine, […]

How the busniess strategy is interlinked with go-to-market strategy

Go to market strategy

What is the go-to-market strategy that a business owner can look upon? In the next six minutes, let’s talk about how easy it is for us to pull the rug out from the most early-stage start-ups.    So most start-ups have no idea what a great go-to-market strategy looks like. I ask them the question […]

Is Real Estate a Good Investment during COVID-19

Is real estate a good investment in 2021

One of the biggest financial decisions of our lives remains to buy a home, but owing to the current market scenarios, many of us refrain from investing in the property market. There are several hypotheses associated with, is real estate a good investment during COVID-19? Ok, let us forget about all the theories and drill […]

Digital Marketing Destroys Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Destroys Traditional Marketing

Digital vs Traditional Marketing – There are a few reasons why digital marketing destroys traditional marketing, now remember back in the old days when I was doing traditional marketing.   Now for some of the young guys reading this, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the good old newspaper. Yes, […]