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Career in Marketing and Communications

Career in Marketing and Communications

Before thinking of a career in Marketing and Communications you have understood why it is so important. Marketing and Communications are the major backbones of any industry. Without this vertical, no business can survive or rather can’t establish.


Giving you a simple example, Marketing and Communications which runs the car and without an engine, the car cannot be made. Now I guess you understood why it is so important.


Four P’s is what we all know during our study and Product, Place, Price, and Promotion where the entire domain is lying.


Communication is what, that you set up the engine now why a customer would buy that car? Now here what is the talking point of that car? Obviously the make of engine, now that relates to communication.


Definition of Marketing and Communication Mix


In a concise manner Marketing is an activity where involves the process of creation, communication, delivering, exchanging offers to the customers, Business Partners, and to a larger extent to the society.


It is a vast topic to discuss. All profitability is primarily linked with this domain. Marketing and Communication comprised of two main domains within that few subdomains that are equally important in any business.


  • Product Team.
  • Brand team (Traditional & Digital Marketing).


The goal of Marketing and Communications


Marketing and Communications goals can be broken down into a few areas like Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Thought Process to increase customer value.


Career and Goals in Marketing and Communications


When I started my career I really don’t know what domain I should choose or rather what opportunity I should look for.


I started my career in direct selling and found nowhere though that phase was my learning phase and slowly I understand that this is what that I am not looking for. I am not saying that direct selling is bad.


But it is not meant for me. I take those days as I am studying and gather knowledge about the markets and their behaviour.


Don’t worry I am not going tell you my whole professional story here but few things that will definitely help you to understand.


I was with that organization for almost 1.5 years and start pursuing a professional course. There I am trying to understand Marketing and its insights. I felt the excitement and gather market insights and doing a few projects for big business houses and that gives me immense pleasure to see the small appreciation.


That is when my entire journey started and I felt this is the right path I can now walk or run whatever I want.


Since I have been learning and implanting what I gathered in my professional life so far. I worked for several brands and developing my marketing knowledge over the period.


From my experience, I can tell you that before starting your career a few things you should know. As I mentioned in the 1st phase of my content that is what the technicalities of Marketing and Communications.


But all these technical parts require when you think that this is my way where I need to walk.


Age is not the factor the factor is what you have learned and what is motivating you to select your professional domain.


Read the Article further, believe me, you will like this


Later in the article, I will provide an idea which can give you a clear idea that why it is the most popular choice for those people who are really thinking of a Career in Marketing and Communication field.


And also get the understanding which all positions or hierarchies are there in Marketing and Communications.


Anyway, now we will be looking after a few points I think that can explain everything. I will be providing all the information basis on the Indian market and nothing to worry about for my other visitors it is all the steps that are needed or followed in any region.


Before start thinking do your research


Career in Marketing and Communications


What all things that Marketing and Communication jobs would require from a candidate. Most of the companies are doing Traditional Marketing jobs like Billboards, TV, Radio, Newspaper Ads, on ground Promotions, etc.


These the things that are slowly going to less popular in the coming years that I think so and more and new areas will come up, Like Influencer Marketing. This is a growing platform to promote your product and you can target your segment. The below chart explains the growth pattern for Influencer Marketing.


Career in Marketing and Communications


Marketing and Communication job can be boring sometimes, will give you an example.


Suppose you a Marketing Manager in some organization and giving your 100% but you are not sure where the impact is coming. That is very annoying among your colleagues.


In the second case, the organization sees a tremendous acceptance and everyone is crazy but you don’t have any clue what the hell is happening.


That is the thing every marketer should understand a few basic things that I call AIR.


  • Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Research


Career in Marketing and Communications

Analysis, Innovation, Research


I will explain how AIRis working.


If you are an analytical person then read and understand each and every aspect. Discuss with your peers and enjoy every moment and discussion that took place. Try to find out the outcome of your project.


If you possess this then your career in Marketing and Communication is your domain.


Marketing & Communication based the AIR, whatever you do it falls under this.


Analytics are in high demand in marketing nowadays. In today’s market scenario various fields are available to select.


Digital Marketing Specialist like SEO & SEM role, Social Media Planner, Communication (Advertisement) Designers, Online Marketing, etc. are such fields in the Marketing and Communication domain.


You need to be very selective about which role suited the best for you. Do research before jump into that field.


Few Fields like –


  1. SEO & SEM Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content and Email Marketing
  4. Lead Generation Marketing
  5. Paid Advertising


These are all related to the Digital Marketing field. Read the article to get a good amount of understanding of what I have told in this section and that helps you to understand what is better suits you.


Select your position


Career in Marketing and Communications


Before doing selecting the position don’t think about the money and paycheck. Don’t select any field for the sake of money rather select it by your passion. That position gives you that kind of happiness that you are thinking!!


If you pursue what you like the most then over the period you will monetarily be benefited.


Currently, Content Writer, Analysis, and Social Marketing are the highest paid and very demandable fields as I am seeing. If you like these positions then you should definitely go for it.


That is how the selection of your position is one of the key factors for a career in marketing and communication.


Understanding Requirement


Career in Marketing and Communications


Before jump into the application for a job post first, understand the role and the requirement. You have some idea what is the job requires from a candidate. But that particular company they have some other idea about the job description.


Actually, each and every organization has a separate structure and they follow what they actually require from the candidate for the particular position.


From my past experiences, I found that companies are asking for so many skills that don’t require that particular company. Hypothetically think that if you match all the related skills that don’t mean the salary they are going to offer is something big.


So I would urge you to before applying please summarize JD and according to that, you process it further.


Professional Courses



Currently, various courses that are available. Suggest you look at those courses. Few courses are at a high price, few are affordable, and free e-learning modules are available in different portals.


Before starting anything again I am telling you that please be selective about what you want to do and what is your passion and what you are looking for yourself in the coming future.


Make yourself socially



Start creating your network by attending free or paid workshops where you can build your network among the attendees. This network will be the key factor to get yourself a good opportunity.


Talking with people gives you immense knowledge. So be very humble with new people and start communicating. This will probably not happen for the first time but gradually it will improve and you will see the progress.


Another way is to build your network that is LinkedIn. There is an option where you can use it for free or if you can afford to take the premium membership. That will unlock several excellent features that will help you to grow.


Many online courses are available in the premium membership. You can get these courses easily. LinkedIn is a platform you can start building a professional network that will give you the extra push towards your highest paying career in marketing.


Apart from the above points, you can still have something to do it further for creating a career in Marketing and Communications


  • Start your own website and start building your expertise through your blog post.
  • Take up some projects for free and finish it on an excellent note.
  • Later ask for payment of your projects and it should be an amount that can match in the market and it never feels you that you charge less
  • After a few months, you can assess the market potential that leads to a freelancer career for you. Don’t dishearten doing freelancing will be an excellent earning potential rather than a job.
  • Keep updated regularly on what is happening around you.
  • Be an influencer
  • Start your career in a marketing agency




Started with the basic Marketing and Communications concept I have ended up by giving you a solid idea of how you should start a Career in Marketing and Communication. Before selecting fields these are the point you should consider.




  1. What is the salary range – It depends on the market and the position is matter.
  2. Can I start my career in Marketing and Communications at Mid Age – Yes, if you have that passion you can start a career in the marketing field, and slowly you will gather the necessary expertise.
  3. Why Marketing – I have already given the answer in the above block. Again I am telling you in short that if you have “AIR” you should definitely go to Marketing.
  4. Where I found free e-learning materials – Search in Google or YouTube is another important platform you will have several videos and courses.
  5. How to go to the events any alternative – You can attend this kind of event by recommendation by somebody or free entry. Other than that start Facebook attending Webinars.


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